NEUGA (Sponsored by Monster Energy)


About This Project

“The pursuit of folk devils frequently intensifies into a mass movement that is called a moral panic. When a moral panic is in full swing, the folk devils are the subject of loosely organized but pervasive campaigns of hostility through gossip and the spreading of urban legends. The mass media sometimes get in on the act or attempt to create new folk devils in an effort to promote controversy. Sometimes the campaign against the folk devil influences a nation’s politics and legislation.”

Cast and crew:
Director – Benedek Eszteri, Králik Dániel, Mauro Talamonti
DOP – Mauro Talamonti
2nd Cam Unit – Egry Krisz, Gergő Bene
Editor – Mauro Talamonti, Eszteri Benedek, Dani Kralik
Sound design – Bence Ivancsics
Grading – Mauro Talamonti

Benedek Eszteri
Dani Kralik
Róbert Tóháti
Scooter Guys:
Bence Csokay
Tamás Toma
Hajagos-Tóth Zoltán
Citizen Senna
Neuga mentor – Gábor Debreczeni
Neuga mentor girl – Dóri Hegyi
Scooter mentor, aka Fluffy – Andras Toth
Neuga additional riders:
Laci Timár
Mihály Zelenka
Thanks to:
Levente Trellay
David Liptay
Gergely Toth
Monster Energy
Leatherman Hungary
BP Clothing

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